GYRFALCON All-44 Professional Multi-Charger


• Optional charging voltage (1.5V Ni-Mh, 3.6V LiFePO4, 4.2V Li-ion, 4.3V Li-ion, 4.35V Li-ion)

• Optional charging current (0.1A – 0.25A – 0.5A – 1A )

• Capable of charging different chemistries at different currents at the same time

• Have General mode and Professional mode, easy to use

 General mode only for 1.5V Ni-Mh and 4.2V Li-ion batteries, it can automatic start charging and automatic termination.

 Professional mode for 1.5V Ni-Mh, 3.6V LiFePO4, 4.2V/4.3V/4.35V Li-ion batteries, Have 3 kinds short-cut operation modes, easy to use 

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